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When a loved one or friend passes on, you need someone to share your grief but also to guide and support you through what can be one of life’s most difficult times. As a civil funeral celebrant, this is where I can help. 
My role at a funeral of your loved one is to join with you as you relive some of that person’s life through stories from family and friends. A civil funeral ceremony is a significant and poignant way for you all to remember all the special ways your loved one touched your lives.

I will come alongside you and help you tailor a funeral ceremony that captures your memories and gives your loved one the honour and tribute they deserve. My service is compassionate, caring, and personal when you, your family and friends need it the most.

Image by Artsy Vibes

Book a free 2hr one to one consultation via Zoom audio/video or phone call so we can start planning your day.

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